Tuition and Fees
  Time Monthly (x 11) Tuition Annual Tuition
5 half days/week 9:00-12:00 $500.00 $5,500.00
Lunch 5x/wk 12:00-1:00 $100.00 $1,100.00
Drop-in lunch hour 12:00-1:00 $10.00/day  
Monthly Early Morning 8:30-9:00 $60.00/Month  
Early Morning Drop-in 8:30-9:00 $5.00/day  
Drop-in Afternoon 1:00-4:00 $30.00/day  
5 half days/week PLUS 1 afternoon   $600.00 $6,600.00
(Does not include lunches on other days)      
5 half days/week PLUS 2 afternoons   $700.00 $7,700.00
5 half days/week PLUS 3 afternoons   $800.00 $8,800.00
5 half days/week PLUS 4 afternoons   $900.00 $9,900.00
Late Tuition Fee Accrued after 5th $20.00/Month  
Full Time 9:00-4:00 $1,000.00 $11,000.00
Yearly Organic Snack Fee $125.00
Deposit Upon Acceptance $100.00

Tuition is based on an eleven-month, September to July, Montessori Preschool Program. The tuition is due in 11 equal payments on the first of each month, we do not bill so the responsibility is yours. There will be a $20.00 service charge applied to tuition if received after the 5th, your timeliness is essential to running our program well. No payment adjustment will be made for vacations or sickness.

A 10% family discount is applied, if siblings attend school during the same time period. Drop-in lunch is $10.00 per day, and Drop-in tuition for the afternoon session is $30.00. All Drop-ins for Lunch or the Afternoon Session must be pre-arranged at least 24 hrs in advance and approved by the director to account for proper support and licensing standards. No substitution (without pay) is allowed.

Possible additional financial considerations include: we often offer season enrichment activites with visiting artists and ask for a small activity fee, usually around $10-15. At year's end, we ask for optional donations for teacher bonuses but do no other fundraising or require volunteer hours at Sunnyside. A one-month written notice is required before withdrawing your child.