Information for Parents


Conferences take place during January. We have scheduled them so that each offering has an evening option and we will be closed on two full days but open for the third (adding our conferences at night, after school) during the process. During this initial conference, the staff will refer to written notes taken during their daily observations of the child. The conferences will run about 30 minutes. PLEASE NOTE THAT SCHOOL WILL BE CLOSED WHILE DAY CONFERENCES ARE CONDUCTED. For the End Of The Year Reports, we will prepare a one to two page written report, addressing your child's progress during the year with a handmade cover by your child and notes from the lead teacher and assistant as well as a photograph of your child in action in the classroom.

We try to cover the major areas of your child's growth: physical, emotional and academic. We will not meet in person at the end of the year, but will be happy to arrange a meeting time if there are specific concerns. We will post a sign-up sheet several weeks before conferences begin to determine time and day. If you, at any time, feel you'd like a conference earlier, get in touch through email and we'll arrange a time.


Parent Involvement

We are eager for parent involvement in activities at Sunnyside Montessori. There are lots of different ways to do this. Parents could sign up to be the Friday Storybook reader, in the classroom, throughout the year. From time to time, we, also, have art projects that require a bit of extra help. If you like to garden, you could help us in the Fall or Spring when we prepare and plant our clipping garden and add annual flowers to the larger Sunnyside Garden. We can always use parent help in preparing materials like: tracing and cutting materials, metal inset paper and pencil sharpening for the classroom. If you're handy, there are always small fix-it projects that we need done around the school, just get in touch with your skill set and let us know when you have the time. We know some of you have skills that you could share with us during circle time, as well. If there's something you're really passionate about that fits with a season or unit that we cover, let us know. We could offer some guest speaker time at our circles in each session. You could also plan to help with our seasonal enrichment opportunites like Apple Cider Pressing, Ginger House Making or come along on our annual field trip to the Pumpkin Patch. The possibilities are unlimited!! We welcome all parent suggestions! Just let us know!



Birthdays are special days for all children and we have a unique ceremony at Sunnyside for the occasion. We encourage you to schedule their Montessori Birthday Circle with us, if you'd like to celebrate at school. Our birthday celebration includes a song sung by the whole class, a brief "life history" of the birthday child is read or told in circle and a small snack is shared by all. The "life history" need not be long- just one or two memorable events for each year. Parents may bring photos to share, one for each year of their child's life is best. Due to an increasing number of children with allergies, we ask that parents NOT bring in a snack to share. We'll provide a small Birthday gummy fruit treat instead. If your child has a summer birthday, we can still celebrate their day, perhaps on their 1/2 Birthday, just get in touch. On this day we invite the family to make a gift of a book or other special object/activity for our classroom. This enables us to develop the idea of giving instead of always receiving on our birthday. A special note regarding birthday invitations- please do not place birthday invitations for private parties in the school cubbies. Children notice these things and we have had HURT FEELINGS around this issue at school. It's hard for the staff to explain to someone why their friends were invited to some one's party but they were not! We appreciate your cooperation in this delicate matter!


Clothes- What to Wear to School

Be sure to send your child to school in clothes that are appropriate for the weather and for comfort. We encourage you to dress your child in clothes that he/she can take off themselves when going to the bathroom. We go outside everyday that it is not raining- so dress your child warmly! Do not send your child to school in clothes that are too "good" to get dirt or paint on them. We have plenty of both at school! Please bring in a change of clothing for your child and leave it in their cubby. We appreciate it if you check and replenish this supply periodically. Children usually prefer to put on their OWN clothing if they've had an accident. We have a lot of water activities and spills are frequent. Please bring in a pair of slippers for your child, as well, as we take our shoes off to go up to the classroom. Please LABEL all coats and sweaters!


Field Trips

We go on an annual Pumpkin Patch field trip each year. Transportation will be provided by a professional school bus service. Parents may be asked to help contribute to the transportation expenses. Parents must sign a field trip release form before your child can participate in the field trip. We welcome parent volunteers to join us!

Sharing at Circle

We welcome things from nature, cultural objects, picture books, or items relating to specific topics we might be studying. If you decide to bring something in, we can make time for your child to present their object at circle and offer it to the group, to share, during one or a few classroom sessions. This can be a great way to connect children to each other and to the flow of the seasons! In general, however, we try to discourage children from bringing objects from home that are unrelated to the season or our current unit of study, especially anything that is precious to your child or the family. It causes concern, otherwise, for the children and staff as special items tend to get lost or broken or argued over. PLEASE, no play weapons of any kind, candy, gum, money, etc.



If you think your child will be out longer than one day please call or email us at and let us know. If your child becomes ill during school hours, we'll contact you at home or work. Children will need to be picked up immediately by parents or someone designated by the parents. Please keep your child home if there are symptoms to warrant it. Your child should not go to school unless he/she is able to participate fully (indoors and outdoors) in all school activities. Children are considered contagious if they have a fever, have vomited, or had diarrhea within a 24 hour period or show other active symptoms of illness. Please consider keeping your child home the first day or two of a cold, as well. We'll thank you and all the other children thank you for your consideration. We'll be happier and healthier as a result! If your child requires medication during school hours, be sure to bring us an offical doctor's note with instructions. Please, make sure to bring the medicine in its original container with the prescription number and child's name on it. A note from the parent should be included, as well, giving complete directions including a signature at the bottom. You'll, also, need to fill out and sign a Medicine Authorization Form, which you can get from our director. On top of the refrigerator downstairs is a safety locking box where medicine is stored and can be placed in the refrigerator, if needed. Please contact our director regarding this. PLEASE NOTE WE CANNOT ADMINISTER OVER THE COUNTER MEDICATIONS AT SCHOOL.



During the winter, when the weather gets bad (snow, ice) please listen to the radio, television or check Seattle Public Schools website. We'll be closed when the public schools are closed as well as when they report any weather related delays. In inclement weather, often both approaches to our school are impossible to navigate.